Discover our cellar

In this location we can highlight the following sectors: cellar, bottler, show room, laboratory and administration.

Our cellar is only 100 km away from the port of Buenos Aires, in an unique natural environment that combines nature and cutting edge technology

You can use the following map to find our cellar. Clicking in the lower right corner to zoom in and zoom  out.

Developing your own brand


Would you like to have your own olive oil Brand? With your own brand and a distinct aesthetic? We make it possible.

One of the services that Nogada S.A. offers to food distributors
and traders is that they can have their own brand
olive oil.

Nogada can bottle olive oil with a third party’s brand and if the client doesn’t have its own brand yet, we can assist him in the development

The bottle can be in plastic or glass bottles of different sizes:

  • GLASS: 250 cc and 500 cc (square)
  • PLASTIC: 250 cc and 500 cc (square)
  • 3 LTS (round)
  • 5 LTS (square)


Discover our cellar

Nogada San Antonio de Areco

Nogada has the pleassure of presenting its cellar and bottler in San Antonio de Areco.

The cellar is 100 km away from the city of Buenos Aires and at exactly 10 km away from the town of San Antonio de Areco.

Nogada fabricates its own olive oil in Poman, Province of Catamarca and then carry out its own transportation logistics to San Antonio de Areco in isolated road tankers.

Inthis cellar, theolive oilis storedin stainlesssteel tanks AISI304and bottledin our own TEMA bottler machine.

In San Antonio de Areco, Nogada acts as an olive oil gatherer, distributor and marketer. Form here, it will also take care of the logistic orders, since its possible to reach the whole country nimbly from this location.

Being at only 100 km away from the city of Buenos Aires, Nogada can reach the citys port or any client in the city in less than 2 hours.

Characteristics and general specifications

  • Isolated sqaure meters: 3300

  • Tanks storage capacity: 2 Million liters

  • Bottle capacity: 1500 bottles per hour

  • Pallets storage capacity: Finished product (300 pallets), Supplies, caps and bottles (300 pallets)

  • We commercialize olive oil in bottles, drums and bulk


Our services

Fabrication in Nogada – Catamarca

For the olive oil fabrication we use an Italian Amenduni machinewith 8000 kf of fruit per hour pocessability.

Our Factory has cutting edge technology for the fabrication of olive oil and experienced personnel.

Transportation in own road tankers

The olive oil transportation from the North-West and Cuyo regions to San Antonio de Areco is done in our own isolated road tankers. Each road tanker transports up to 30 tons of olive oil divided into its 3 compartments.

Filtered in Nogada – San Antonio de Areco

For the filtration we use an Italian plate filter to eliminate 100% of solid particles in suspension and the brightening of the oil to highlight the color in a natural way.

Oil storage in Nogada – Catamarca and San Antonio de Areco

The oil is stored in AISI 304 stainless Steel tanks , at a stable temperature of 18 ºC nd nitrogen is injected to eliminate any oxygen particle in the oil.


For the bottled we use an TEMA bottler with a capacity of 1500 bottles per hour. The bottler is automatical and can attach 2 labels at the same time.

Finished product storage in Nogada – San Antonio de Areco

Next to the stainless Steel tanks cellar you can find the finished product warehouse. Here, the pallets are stored until the client requires them.


Nogada has clients in several countries. One of the proposals is to add the production of other producers to Nogadas brand to satisfy the high demand of our product. By the other hand, we can also look for clients for third partys.